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Best Airdyne Bike For The Home Gym

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

A woman exercising on an airdyne bike in a CrossFit gym. She is completing an air bike workout.

Are you’re looking for an airdyne bike to compliment your home gym? Or are you after that all-in-one piece of exercise equipment to fight fat and keep fit? If you answered 'Yes!' to one or more those questions you’ve come to the right place.

In this article you will discover 5 of the best air bikes, assault bikes and fan bikes on the market. In addition, for those who are perhaps not familiar with this excellent piece of exercise equipment, a Buyer’s Guide has been produced so as to help improve your purchasing decision.

But if you're already clued-up on airbikes, and just want to look at some great products, follow the link: The 5 Best Assault Bikes.

What makes the air bike so good?

The primary positive that sets the airdyne bike apart from, say, a conventional stationary bike or a treadmill, is the dual pedal/push-pull application which enables you to engage the two largest muscles groups in the same movement.

It goes without saying that running and cycling are excellent exercises for maintaining and developing fitness. However, they are undeniably parochial and they do not provide a whole-body workout. If all you did was run or cycle you would undoubtedly have a robust pair of pins and a turbo charged cardiovascular system. But balancing on those sturdy tree trunks, and looking mightily incongruous, would be the chest of a pigeon out of which sprouted a pair of spaghetti arms.

Thanks to its dual functionality the airdyne bike, much like the rower, targets both your lower-body and upper-body muscles thus providing a holistic workout. Really, if it’s a home gym you’re looking to build, you needn’t look much further than an airdyne bike (or rower) – a kettlebell and a couple of resistance bands.

Fan Bike | A Buyer’s Guide

Before reaching for your credit card there are a number of factors that you ought to take into consideration. For example, prior to purchasing an airdyne bike you should firstly assess your physicality, training approach and fitness goals and objectives. Here’s why:

If you are the type of trainer who regularly exercises at high intensities then it would be unwise for you to buy a budget airdyne bike. The reason: because you’ll probably tear it apart within a single session. Unfortunately, if you want a bike that’s going to last, then you’re going to have splash the cash. If you don’t, if you settle on a budget bike, you’ll have to justify to the customer service team why they should refund you £200 for the airdyne bike you Hulked in twain.

I’m not going to deny it, the two bikes in this review that might stand a chance of meeting your fitness needs are a little overpriced. However, the truth is, high-quality, commercial gum-standard training kit isn't cheap. But then when you buy good training equipment it tends to last a lifetime (or at least should).

Intermediate or beginner trainers who are perhaps not quite so intense you would probably benefit from one of the budget airdyne bikes. If it’s general fitness and the occasional sweat session you seek a budget bike would more than satisfy these modest needs.

The same could be said for trainers of an advanced age. One of the reasonably priced air bikes featured below would make for a faithful fitness friend that would support you in your fight to keep the ticker ticking.


Airdyne bike FAQ

Are air bikes a good workout?

In short, Hell Yeah! But of course, as with any exercise equipment, you only get out of it what you put in. Though let’s assume that the intensity of the sessions in which you plan to incorporate your airdyne will vary; some sessions moderate intensity some high. If you approached the airdyne bike in this manner then yes, you would certainly get a good, whole-body workout.

Are air bikes worth it?

I know a number of people who own airdyne bikes and not one of them has regretted their purchase. In fact one of my friends told me that it’s by far the best piece of exercise kit he’s ever owned and used. But this is a small cohort of happy customers and you’d be wise to suspend making a decision until you’ve conducted wider research. In saying that though, the answer to the title question ultimately hinges on your exercise aspirations. If you want fitness kit that delivers more bang per buck then airdyne bikes, rowing machines and kettlebells will deliver precisely that.

Are air bikes loud?

A common concern amongst prospective airdyne bike buyers is whether or not they are overly noisy. There is that inconspicuous fan bolted to the side after all. This is certainly something to think about if you live in an apartment or semidetached house. And though airdyne bikes are not as noisy as rowing machines they are not silent like a stationary bike. When working at a moderate intensity (100 watts) the whirring of the fan is no more intrusive than is your typical home fan – the one that only comes out during those uncomfortably hot days.

However, if you plan to pump the peddles and pull the levers like a CrossFit competitor, then you’ll probably upset the neighbours.


The 5 Best Airdyne Bikes


SportPlus Airdyne Bike (£179.00)

Product overview

  • The resistance is generated by the belt brake system in combination with the air resistance by the large wind turbine.

  • The large wind wheel creates additional drag and increases the training effect. The air resistance is not adjustable.

  • The seat is adjustable from 70 cm to a maximum of 88 cm (dimensions from the bottom to the saddle).

SportPlus’ airdyne bike is an entry level product perfect for the person who is particularly careful with their cash and wants to stray no further than 60% of max heart rate. Yes it is basic and doesn’t sport the range of features of some of its competitors. But then we must remember that it costs less than £200 – making it the cheapest airdyne bike on the market.

By all accounts this is respectably robust piece of fitness equipment on which you will enjoy many sweaty sessions. One very honest reviewer commented favourably on the robustness of the bike for the price, but advised advanced trainers to exercise caution prior to purchasing this product.

As I discussed above in the Buyer’s Guide, a budget bike is unlikely to withstand regular high intense training sessions. But they will more than endure light to moderate training. So if you’re one of those exercise enthusiasts with a sadomasochistic bent, who can’t quit a session without stepping over your anaerobic threshold, you might want to scroll down to the final three bikes in this review.

Whilst providing a durable platform on which to get the heart pumping and lungs expanding, SportPlus’ airdyne bike offers a wide range of resistances and basic performance output display monitor. Making this all in all a good bit of kit for the coin.


Marcy airdyne bike (£197)

Product overview

  • Controlled and joint-friendly full body training that tightens the chest, back, arms and shoulders and defines with air resistance. The harder and faster you exercise, the more resistance it generates.

  • The resistance levels depend on the user. The saddle can be adjusted to 7 different heights from 66 cm to 86 cm.

  • The LCD monitor is battery operated and shows you the duration, speed (Km/h), distance (Km), calorie consumption (kcal).

The Marcy airdyne bike is one of – if not the – best rated budget bikes on the market. With nearly 1200 reviews it still retains a healthy four stars. Customers comment favourably on its durability and build quality. Yes there are a couple of cantankerous complaints regarding the ‘creaking’ sound that began emanating from the crank arm.

But really, one has to ask, how much can you justifiably expect from an airdyne bike that costs less than a pair of premium quality sneakers?

Marcy’s airdyne offers multiple adjustable set-up options and comes with a fully integrated digital display. Though it doesn’t provide pre-programme settings it will show speed, distance, duration and estimated calorie expenditure. Which, when it comes to keeping on top of our fitness, is all we need.


Capital Sports Fan Bike (£799)

Product overview

  • The X-Bike offers you the possibility of a gentle but effective training to increase your endurance.

  • The-Bike's easy-to-use training computer gives you an overview of your training success.

  • If pulse sensors are attached, the current pulse level is shown on the display. Thus you always train in the right pulse range and reach your training goal faster and healthier.

Capital Sport’s airdyne bike is a significant jump both in price and functionality. This is the first of the three performance bikes built for the trainer pursuing physical advancement – or a podium position at a regional CrossFit competition.

At three times the price of its predecessors we expect Capital Sport to deliver three times the bike. . . . Well have they?

After diligently ferreting out customer reviews, which are as rare as rocking horse shit, only a perennial optimist or Capital Sports employee could arrive at a favourable conclusion about this bike. Based on what those two reviewers said this bike isn’t worth the money. It lacks durability and after a short time loses its rigidity and quickly develops creaks.

The question naturally follows: why feature this product? To be perfectly honest, it acts as an abridgement between the budget and expensive bikes. It would no doubt make for a jarring reading experience to ascend in a single step so substantial a price jump.

So, now that you’re primed and somewhat ready for the sharp rise in price to come, let’s take a look at some real performance machines.


JLL Sonic air bike UK (£679)

Product overview

  • Tracks distance, speed, pace, calories burned, watts, and HR programmable interval functions.

  • Rubber-dipped handles 4-way adjustable seat peg attachment foot rests Extra padding on seat.

  • Heavier base and handles produce a more intense workout Increased arm range of motion.

  • Heavy-Duty 24" fan, 27" with fan housing 50kg steel frame.

The Sonic air bike by JLL has been built to a competition-grade standard designed to withstand the forces only a professional athlete could produce. Thus it will more than endure anything the amateur exercise enthusiast could throw at it.

Constructed from heavy-duty materials, JLL offer what they call a ‘commercial’ airdyne bike. What they mean to imply here is that their bike is built to the bomb-proof standards expected by a public gym.

If this be the case – and the three reviewers contend that it is – then this bike will last for years and years. Which is precisely what we want from exercise equipment. So what do you get for investment?

Firstly, the frame is moulded out of 50kg of industrial grade steel. So if in the unlikely event it does break down on you there’s always the option of using it as an Atlas stone or tying a rope around it and dragging it around the garden.

Secondly, the on-board computer console comes with a plethora of programs and performance metrics. Beyond the bare essentials – distance, speed, pace, calorie burned, etc. – it enables the user to monitor wattage (which is all the rage in performance training) and heart rate whilst also providing the option to create personalised interval and work/rest training sessions.

JLL’ airdyne bike is undeniably expensive but it does offer an impressive range of applications and enviable build quality.


likefitness fan bike (£859.00)

Product overview

  • Monitor displays time, distance, speed, calories and power output (Watts)

  • Adjustable seat accommodates a wide-range of heights.

  • Constructed from high quality materials to ensure durability.

Though by no means the most expensive airdyne bike on the market, the Likefitness fan bike is certainly a pricey piece of training equipment. But does it justify that price tag? Let’s have a look.

One can’t quibble with the immensity of the frame. At nearly 60kg this air bike is a super heavyweight and it’s been tested to support loads exceeding 300kg. This tells us that it will likely withstand years of abusive training.

The large LCD digital multi-screen monitor clearly displays performance metrics while providing detailed power-output readings. The on-board computer comes with a number of pre-programmed sessions – including HIIT and work/rest sessions.

In addition this air bike boasts an upgraded crank and reinforced pedals making this altogether one durable training tool.



There’s no denying it, the airdyne bike is an excellent fitness tool and few exercises machines offer the range of physical stimulation. And if you’re looking to build a home gym you’d struggle to find a piece of kit that can offer so much for the same price.

But before making a decision I would recommend identifying your fitness aspirations as this will indicate which bike to buy: budget or bloody expensive.


In this text box it says: As we are very interested in user experience here at Hungry4Fitness, we would be very grateful if you could take a few seconds out of your day to leave a comment. Thanks in advance! Blog Author: Adam Priest, former Royal Marines Commando, is a personal trainer, lecturer, boxing and Thai boxing enthusiast.

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