Pure Pain - Circuit Training

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

This is one tough exercise circuit that will make for a worthy physical adversary for even the fittest trainers.

a group of people exercising on indoor bikes

This is one of those circuits that starts off nice and easy but after ten to fifteen minutes develops into a physical fist fight.

Let me give you one piece of advice before you step in the ring with this formidable adversary, make sure that you notify your next of kin.

Circuit - Pure Pain
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Total reps = 770

Total weight lifted = 15,600kg

Total distance at speed = 6000 metres

(Time to beat = 53 minutes & 01 second)


Ready for some more!

50 Ton Circuit

Total reps = 1490

Total weight lifted = 50,880kg

Time to beat = 50 minutes & 26 seconds

Death March

1) Up and down once: 3200m. Time to beat: 16.38 (a very good time would be anywhere under 20mins; good 25/20mins; acceptable 35/30mins; over 35mins poor)

2) Up and down twice: 6400m. Time to beat: 34.11 (a very good time would be anywhere under 40mins; good 50/40mins; acceptable 1hr/50mins; over 1hr poor)

3) Up and down thrice including an additional 400m @ 0% tagged on to the end (rounding the overall distance off at 10,000m): 55.09 (a very good time would be anywhere under 1hr; good 1,10/1hr; acceptable 1,30/1,10; over 1,30 poor)

1000rep Circuit

The Exercises

1: Kettlebell swings (24kg) – 10 repetitions

2: Kettlebell single arm press (24kg) – 10 repetitions on the right arm

3: Kettlebell single arm press (24kg) – 10 repetitions on the left arm

4: Kettlebell squats (24kg) – 10 repetitions

5: Kettlebell pulls (24kg) – 10 repetitions

6: Wide arm press-ups – 10 repetitions

7: Burpees with a 10k medicine ball – 10 repetitions

8: Punches with resistance band (25kg resistance) – 10 punches on each arm

9: Kettlebell cleans (24kg) – 5 on the right arm 5 on the left

10: 100m Row blast – (I tried to maintain a pace of 1:40/500)

Total repetitions: 1000

Total distance covered: 1000 metres

Time to beat: 28:08

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