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50 Ton Challenge - Circuit

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

a man pushing a boulder up a steep hill

If you successfully get through this circuit you'll stagger out the gym feeling like a Greek god. Every muscle will quiver and quake, shiver and shake. And for days afterwards you'll be reminded by the many aches and pains of your grand achievement. For few people have ever left a gym having lifted 50 ton.

10 - circuit (50 ton challenge)
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Total reps = 1490

Total weight lifted = 50,880kg

Time to beat = 50 minutes & 26 seconds


When you're done with this circuit try these on for size:

Total distance at speed = 3.65k

Total reps = 1015

Total distance at speed = 6600 metres

Total weight lifted = 25,400kg

Total reps = 1020

Time to beat = 16 minutes & 9 seconds

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