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25 Ton Challenge - Circuit

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

a man pushing a boulder up a hill

This is a HIT session through and through. Once you start the timer go hell for leather until all 1020 reps have been completed.

Yes it hurts. Yes your muscles will feel like they're about to explode. But by god will you feel awesome afterwards. Promise!

8 - circuit (25 ton challenge)
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Total weight lifted = 25,400kg

Total reps = 1020

Time to beat = 16 minutes & 9 seconds


Ok, so you've lifted 25 tons. Big deal. Come back to me when you've lifted 50 tons.

50 Ton Circuit

Total reps = 1490

Total weight lifted = 50,880kg

Time to beat = 50 minutes & 26 seconds

Death March

1) Up and down once: 3200m. Time to beat: 16.38 (a very good time would be anywhere under 20mins; good 25/20mins; acceptable 35/30mins; over 35mins poor)

2) Up and down twice: 6400m. Time to beat: 34.11 (a very good time would be anywhere under 40mins; good 50/40mins; acceptable 1hr/50mins; over 1hr poor)

3) Up and down thrice including an additional 400m @ 0% tagged on to the end (rounding the overall distance off at 10,000m): 55.09 (a very good time would be anywhere under 1hr; good 1,10/1hr; acceptable 1,30/1,10; over 1,30 poor)

1000rep Circuit

The Exercises

1: Kettlebell swings (24kg) – 10 repetitions

2: Kettlebell single arm press (24kg) – 10 repetitions on the right arm

3: Kettlebell single arm press (24kg) – 10 repetitions on the left arm

4: Kettlebell squats (24kg) – 10 repetitions

5: Kettlebell pulls (24kg) – 10 repetitions

6: Wide arm press-ups – 10 repetitions

7: Burpees with a 10k medicine ball – 10 repetitions

8: Punches with resistance band (25kg resistance) – 10 punches on each arm

9: Kettlebell cleans (24kg) – 5 on the right arm 5 on the left

10: 100m Row blast – (I tried to maintain a pace of 1:40/500)

Total repetitions: 1000

Total distance covered: 1000 metres

Time to beat: 28:08

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