Try This 10-Minute Upper Body Workout

Introduction | How it works | 10-Minute Home Upper Body Workout | FAQs: How can I build upper body strength at home?

A woman performing press-ups as part of a 10-minute home upper body workout.

This 10-minute upper body workout can be done at home, at your local park, or at the gym. Your choice. The workout is super simple and requires minimal space and equipment – just your body weight, a resistance band, and a kettlebell.

The five exercises that comprise this workout are a mix of functional and explosive movements. So, as well as targeting your upper body, this workout will also fire up your metabolism and get your pulse rate going.

You might be wondering how a short duration training session can confer so many benefits. Is it possible to get a good workout in just 10-minutes? The answer to that question is Yes. Even short workouts can improve your health and fitness. They can also burn fat, build muscles and improve fitness levels.

However, there’s a catch. And that is, if the workout is short, it should be high intensity. Exercising at high intensities has been shown to be an effective training method. In fact, it’s been argued that high-intensity training is in some ways more beneficial than long, steady state workouts.

So, though this workout only takes 10-minutes to complete, you will be working at maximum intensity throughout. By maintaining a high intense work rate, you will ignite your metabolism while encouraging the body to burn fat.

And because it’s such a short duration workout you’ll easily be able to find time to fit it into your day; either before breakfast, over lunch, or before you settle in front of the TV for the night. But if you have time or a bit more juice in the tank, you could throw in another round or two turning it into a 20-minute or even 30-minute workout.

How it works

We’ve established that this is a high-intensity 10-minute upper body workout. Okay, so after a progressive pre-workout warm-up, you are to complete the five 2-minute AMRAPs below. Starting at the first exercise, press-ups, set a 2-minute countdown on your training timer and try to perform as many repetitions as possible. The moment the buzzer sounds jot down your score and move on to the next exercise. Repeat until you have a score for all five exercises.

Methods of modification

With all our workouts, circuits, and training sessions, the exercises are not immutable – that is, you can change them to suit your preferences or equipment availability. If you’re feeling on physical form, and you’d like to challenge yourself, there’s always the option of throwing on a weighted vest, including a plyo element to some of the exercises, or extending the time of each AMRAP.

Also, if you’ve got access to the kit and want to add extra resistance to this workout, you could change the press-ups for the bench press. This minor modification will help build greater strength in the chest muscles.