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This 30 Minute Kettlebell Workout Will Explode Your Fitness

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

A woman taking part in a 30 minute kettlebell workout.

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This 30 minute kettlebell workout has been designed by a professional personal trainer and fitness coach. Split into two sections the first part is geared towards strength development and muscle building. For this section you will be working through a series of core kettlebell exercises at a medium intensity. The idea here is to take your time and focus on control.

Section two is more intense. Comprised of 3 individual HIIT workouts this is where you start to get sweaty. Over the remaining 15-minutes of this kettlebell workout you’re aiming for volume. Your heart rate will climb precipitously which will really begin burning the calories. After having completed section two it should feel as though you’ve punished your body.

Of course, it goes without saying that the quality of the repetitions must remain on point. However, when transitioning to section two it might be worth dropping kettlebell weight. This will enable you workout at higher intensities without sacrificing form.

If you used a 24kg kettlebell for section one, consider dropping down to 20kg or even 16kg. Don’t worry if you think this might get too easy. If it does just go back to your original weight.

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30 minute kettlebell workout training outcomes

  • This workout will provide you with the opportunity to improve your kettlebell lifting technique.

  • You will experience a whole-body workout.

  • The exercises are functional and develop multiple components of fitness.

  • The HIIT section of this 30-minute kettlebell workout will torch fat.

30 minute kettlebell workout section one

After each 10-reps take a 30-second rest before progressing into the next set. If you are going quite heavy, there’s no shame in extending the rest period to 45-seconds.

Kettlebell Swings – 5 sets of 10 reps

  1. Hold the kettlebell between your legs, palms facing inwards, feet a little over shoulder-width apart.

  2. Keeping the back straight pull the kettlebell back and, using your glutes, propel the kettlebell forward until it’s level with your shoulders.

  3. Ensuring to keep your core engaged throughout the movement, allow the kettlebell to return to the start position and repeat.

  4. For a full overview of the technique, follow the link: how to perform a perfect kettlebell swing.

Kettlebell Squats – 5 sets of 10 reps

  1. Adopt the same position as above: kettlebell between your legs, palms facing inwards, feet a little over shoulder-width apart.

  2. Fix your eyes on a point to your front and, keeping a straight back, bend at the knee.

  3. When your knees reach 90 degrees, pause and return to the start position. Remember: don’t lock your knees at the top.

Kettlebell High Pulls – 5 sets of 10 reps

  1. Place the kettlebell below your centre of mass – you should be standing over it. Keeping the back straight squat down and hold it between your legs.

  2. Taking a dip at the knee swing the kettlebell back and thrust it forward with the muscles of the glutes and pelvic griddle.

  3. Now, this exercise is probably sounding very much like a kettlebell swing. However, the difference with the high pull is that you are to pull the kettlebell up to your chin. The kettlebell should remain close to your body – like a barbell vertical lift.

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30 minute kettlebell workout section two

Section two is where we raise the temperature of this workout. The intensity dial is going to be turned right up and when you finish section two you should feel like you maxed out. So, how does it work?

The three kettlebell exercises below are individual HIIT workouts. Set a countdown training timer for 20-second repeaters. You will attempt to perform as many repetitions as possible of each kettlebell exercise inside 20-seconds. Once the buzzer sounds take a 20-seconds rest. Repeat.

In total each individual HIIT workout is comprised of 15 sets. But you will only be exercising for 8 of those 15 sets. The other 7 are rest sets. On conclusion of the final set, take a breather before progressing into the next HIIT workout.

Kettlebell Thruster

  1. Standing over the kettlebell, take a reverse grip of the handle. In one clean movement swing upturn the kettlebell and hold it in front of your chest. In this position, the base of the kettlebell should be facing the ceiling.

  2. Keeping your back straight squat until your knees are in a 90 degrees.

  3. Power out of the squat ensuring, as you do so, to push the kettlebell high above your head. From the outstretched position lower the kettlebell back to your chest while simultaneously sinking into the next squat.

Kettlebell Under The Leg Pass

  1. Again, stand over the kettlebell ensuring to take a slightly wider stance. Grasp the kettlebell with one hand, it matters not which, but ensure to hold the outer edge of the handle – as this leaves plenty of space for the other hand when you make the pass.

  2. Take the kettlebell off the floor, keeping your back straight and knees bent.

  3. Pass the kettlebell back and under the opposite leg to the hand that you are holding it in. Your other hand should be ready and waiting to receive the kettlebell. Now trace out a figure of 8 ensuring to maintain a smooth continuous movement for the 20-seconds.

Kettlebell Single Arm Alternate Clean to Press Cycle

  1. Standing over the kettlebell with a shoulder-width stance (or slightly wider), grasp the kettlebell and, in one fluid movement, swing it back and execute a clean. In this position, the kettlebell should be resting in the nook of your arm.

  2. Taking a shallow dip at the knee use your quadriceps to get a bit of momentum in the kettlebell. Assist the upward flight of the kettlebell with shoulder and arm strength.

  3. From here return the kettlebell back to the original start position but ensure to change hands between the legs so that you can perform the next repetition on the opposite side. Keep the cycle going continuously for 20-seconds.

For detailed tutorials of any of the exercises in this 30-minute kettlebell workout follow the link

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