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kettlebell Workout For Beginners

A fitness enthusiast completing a kettlebell workout for beginners.

This kettlebell workout for beginners is ideal for those that are thinking about incorporating kettlebells into their training routine. The combination of short sets and simple exercises will ensure that you can get a good workout without running the risk of injury.

In addition, the design of the kettlebell workout for beginners makes it a doddle to modify. Sets and reps can be adjusted to suit your level of fitness. Also, all the exercises are replaceable.

And if you need to change an exercise, don’t think that it has to be with a kettlebell. Instead, you could diversify the workout by including dumbbells, barbells, or even powerbags.

Before you get stuck into the workout, you might want to review the fitness benefits it delivers.

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Kettlebell workout for beginners benefits

If you can find a space in your exercise regimen for this workout, you’ll likely enjoy a number of fitness benefits. For example, the primary fitness benefit kettlebells confer is functional strength.

Exercises such as swings and goblet squats engage a broad range of muscle groups. In addition, while also transitioning through multiple joints, to execute either movement requires coordination and control. The same cannot be said of other resistance equipment – machines – or isolation movements.

A corollary of the functionality of kettlebell exercises is the development of other fitness attributes. That brings us to our next benefit.

Forge a cast iron core

The kettlebell is a great core conditioning tool. This attribute is a consequence of the dynamic nature of kettlebell exercises.

In contrast to conventional resistance kit – dumbbell, barbells, and machines – kettlebells constantly pull you off balance. This may not initially sound like a positive, but it is.

When our position is destabilised, that feeling of falling forward or being pushed back, we are required to re-stabilise it. The main muscle group involved in balance is the core.

To maintain control of the kettlebell and keep our feet rooted to the floor, the core must remain activated. It’s this reason that the days following a kettlebell workout can feel like your body has been used as a punchbag.

Improve kettlebell techniques

Functional strength and core stability aside, the primary purpose of this workout is to help you improve kettlebell lifting confidence. To get the most out of kettlebell training you need to be able to perform traditional exercises – such as the snatch, jerk, and long cycle. But these are complex movements that require considerable practice.

Before you attempt challenging exercises, you must first master the basics. By doing so you’ll build a firm foundation on which to develop a comprehensive repertoire of kettlebell exercises. And this is precisely what this workout will help you do.

How to do this kettlebell workout for beginners

Prior to picking up that kettlebell you’re going to warm-up first. A 10-minute progressive intensity warm-up, remember, improves training performance and reduces injury risk. Once warm you’re ready to start the workout.

The workout structure is quite simplistic. But it’s been designed this way to align with the training aims: to build kettlebell handling confidence while enabling you to learn a range of basic lifting techniques.

Thus, the training volume – i.e., how much you get done in a single session – is comparatively low for a kettlebell workout. By slowing things down and taking longer breaks between sets, muscular strength will be preserved. This will enable you to invest more effort into each lift which will allow you to maintain control when executing the techniques.

Kettlebell workout plan

The workout is comprised of six kettlebell exercises. Each exercise has been assigned a series of sets and reps. Also, a recommended rest period has been prescribed.

Your objective is to progress through the workout as per the plan. As you do so, you might find it helpful to cross off each set once completed. Many exercisers find that this strategy keeps them on track while also boosting motivation.

The workout concludes with a fitness challenge. This is entirely optional and if you decide to give it a miss it won’t impact on the workout. But if you’re up for it, kudos to you! The challenge, comprised of just one exercise, consists of a 5-minute AMRAP.

If you’re unfamiliar with the AMRAP training methodology, don’t panic – it’s super simple. All you’re going to do is try and complete as many reps as possible of the designated exercise in the time allotted. Concluding the challenge, ensure to make a note of your time as you can use this as benchmark to compete against when you next have a go.

Kettlebell workout key points

  • Warm-up well before breaking out your bell!

  • Select a suitable weighted KB for the workout. The standard advice is 8 to 12kg for woman and 16 to 24kg for men. However, as this is a beginner’s workout, it might be worth opting for a lighter weight. No shame in it. Remember, this is about learning.

  • Aim to complete all sets and reps for the six kettlebell exercises.

  • The workout concludes which a cheeky challenge that you are more than welcome to have a crack at. Not a problem if you don’t though.

Warm up before exercise
250-metres rowing
10 air squats
10 press-ups
5 kettlebell swings
Repeat without pause for 10-minutes

A woman completing a kettlebell workout for beginners.

Kettlebell workout for beginners hints and tips

Three of the six exercises selected are ones that you will likely be familiar with. Squats, deadlifts, and lunges are foundational movements that most trainers learn early on. Performing familiar exercises with unfamiliar training kit is a cleaver strategy as you can get a feel for the kit without having to focus on too many things at once.

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To reiterate an earlier point, play it safe and select a light kettlebell. At this stage in your kettlebell training journey the concern is not volume or intensity. You’re not preparing to go head-to-head with Ivan Denisov, arguably the greatest girevik ever to pick up a pair of bells. The focus here is on correct technique and confidence building. And the best way to achieve those aims is to keep the intensity and resistance low.


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