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Best Folding Exercise Bike for the Home Gym

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

A woman using a best folding exercise bike for home training.

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The folding exercise bike is ideal for those who want an affordable piece of keep-fit kit. For a small initial investment, a folding exercise bike is a convenient training tool that can help promote fitness while also burning calories.

In addition, the folding exercise bike, unlike other cardio machines, is both space-saving and silent. These features make them perfect for people who live in flats or shared accommodation.

If you’re considering purchasing a folding exercise bike, you’ve come to the right place. This article brings you five of the best-rated bikes on the market.

Each bike that features in this review has received hundreds, even thousands, of positive reviews. The bikes have been selected because they are both affordable and durable.

But before buying a bike, it might be worth having a read of the folding exercise bike Buyer’s Guide. This guide gives you an overview of essential bike features and explains the variation in the style of bike.


Best folding exercise bike #1: ATIVAFIT foldable

Exercise bike overview

  • Easy-read digital data display monitor.

  • Features the X-type physical balance theory design which improves frame stability and rigidity.

  • Tracks distance, speed, workout time, and heart rate.

  • In-built wheels and space saver design make this bike ideal for any size environment.

  • Magnetic flywheel improves resistance sensitivity.

  • Immense customer feedback: 7000! Reviews and still 4.5-stars.

The Ativafit foldable exercise bike is both the best rated and best-priced product on the market – in its class. With a jaw-dropping 7000 reviews, it still retains 4.5-stars. And at just £129.99, it makes for an affordable home exercise machine.

Ativafit’s X-type balance frame is an interesting feature. Unlike the frames of most stationary bikes, X-type balance frames are designed to withstand greater forces. This means that the power you apply to the pedals isn’t absorbed by the frame and thus translates to performance.

Moreover, the X-type frame is more durable. So, as well as boasting a max capacity of 100kg (pretty impressive for an ironing board with pedals), it will also stand the test of time.

Customer review: ‘Far exceeded my expectations. Had never bought anything like this and was sceptical. Surely something this cheap would be flimsy/erratic/difficult to use or whatever, but it's excellent. Am very taken with it. No complaints at all. I use it every day. You can read the newspaper or mess about with your phone while you pedal!’

Best folding exercise bike #2: ATIVAFIT recumbent

Stationary bike overview

  • Easy-read digital data display monitor.

  • The onboard computer tracks distance, speed, workout time, and heart rate.

  • Durable frame and seat stem supports up to 120kg.

  • In-built wheels and space saver design make this bike ideal for any size environment.

  • Magnetic flywheel improves resistance sensitivity and is all but silent.

  • Excellent customer feedback with over 200 reviews.

The recumbent folding exercise bike by Ativafit comes equipped with all the stationary bike essentials: LCD display; performance measures: speed, distance, time, calories; heart rate monitor. These features enable you to track and monitor fitness progress over time.

In addition, the durable frame is strong enough to support even heavyweight cyclists. But also, a strong frame withstands greater forces meaning you can really power away at those pedals.

Having received over 2000 reviews, Ativafit’s folding exercise bike has been rated 4.5-stars. One happy customer described it as a ‘Brilliant light and foldable bike which helps keep me in shape and doesn’t take much space.’ All for only £139.99!

Best folding exercise bike #3: YYFITT fold away

Fold away exercise bike overview

  • Features 16 resistance levels.

  • Upgraded durable steel frame.

  • Includes switch position design enabling you to adjust between upright and semi-recumbent.

  • The onboard computer tracks distance, speed, workout time, and heart rate.

  • Durable frame and seat stem can support up to 120kg.

  • Stellar customer feedback: 4.5-stars with nearly 1400 reviews.

YYFITT’s folding fitness bike boasts the switch position design. This allows you to adjust the seating position from semi-recumbent to upright.

The new and improved magnetic flywheel offers a smooth and almost silent cycling experience. And the 16 resistance levels will enable you to simulate some of the toughest climbs.

In 2021 YYFITT upgraded the frame of their folding fitness bikes. Constructed from high-quality steel, they now boast a max weight capacity of 120kg. And the lengthened seat stem ensures this foldable exercise bike accommodates all comers.

With over 1350 reviews, rated 4.5-stars, YYFITT’s folding exercise bike is a fan favourite. The feedback is consistently positive with reviewers commenting on the build quality and the resistance levels. One customer tells us that ‘I am a 5"3 woman weighing 120lbs and with a good to high fitness/activity level and [I] can get a good workout out of this bike.’

Best folding exercise bike #4: HOMCOM magnetic resistance

Exercise bike overview

  • Adjustable resistance features 8 settings.

  • LCD large monitor clearly displays performance readings.

  • Tracks heart rate, speed, distance, elapsed time and calories burnt.

  • Fully foldable X-shape frame for easy storage and space-saving.

  • Robust steel frame with a weight capacity of 110kg.

  • Rated 4.5-stars with over 400 reviews.

The HOMCOM magnetic resistance folding exercise bike offers a level of affordability that few of its competitors can compete with. Yet, despite the extremely low price – a mere £80.99 – HOMCOM’s folding exercise bike still features all the essential mod-cons.

For example, the onboard computer provides a wealth of performance readings. From heart rate to calories burnt, you are provided with instant accurate feedback. This can be used to monitor progress and gauge fitness improvement.

In addition, the X-shape frame is both lightweight and durable. Meaning the bike will remain rock solid while you attack off the front of the peloton. But also, it won’t be a hassle to fold down and stow away next to the ironing board.

That all sounds great, but at a hundred quid is it going to last? If that’s what you thinking, this is what one customer said of HOMCOM’s folding exercise bike: ‘Buy cheap pay twice? … Nonsense!’


Best folding exercise bike Buyer’s Guide

What exercise bike is best?

The best-rated exercise bike is the Ativafit folding exercise bike. With over 7000 customer reviews, it’s a country mile ahead of the peloton. But it’s not just because it boasts more reviews than the population of a small country, Ativafit has received thousands of 4- to 5-star ratings.

Customers have commended Ativafit for a range of reasons. Most notably, customers have praised affordability and durability. At a little under £130, this is one of the best value folding exercise bikes on the market.

And in this case, low price does not suggest inferior quality. Many people who purchased one of these bikes said that it has remained a faithful fitness friend for many a mile.

Recumbent vs. upright

As with all exercise equipment, the recumbent and upright exercise bike variations have their positives and negatives.

The recumbent offers a more comfortable position and is perhaps suitable for people who suffer from back pain. Also, the recumbent seating position is safer for elderly exercises. On recumbent bikes, as opposed to the upright, the seat is lower to the floor making it easier to get on and start peddling.

The upright bike, in contrast, reflects more closely the position of a road bike. This makes the upright a useful training tool for the keen cyclist during the winter months. In addition, the upright position allows you to apply more force through the pedals which enables you to engage in intense workouts.

Before making a decision on which type of folding exercise bike to buy, it is best to assess your needs and fitness goals.

Where to buy exercise bike uk?

Arguably the best place to purchase an exercise bike is from the e-commerce behemoth Amazon. There are, of course, many other excellent sellers that stock exercise bikes, but Amazon boasts an impeccable returns policy.

Furthermore, because of the open review forum, which not all sellers have, you can gain an insight into the bike before buying it.


Best fold away exercise bike FAQ

Is a folding exercise bike good for losing weight?

Yes, the stationary exercise bike if used regularly is an effective weight-loss tool. In our article – The Health Benefits of Cycling – we outline the many ways in which cycling burns calories and facilitates fat loss.

As well as helping you lose weight using an indoor bike can also promote a whole host of other health benefits. For example, regular cycling has been shown to improve cardiovascular function and decrease disease risk.

Can cycling burn belly fat?

While no exercise can be used to target belly fat specifically, training on a stationary bike can support the reduction in the percentage of fat mass. This will bring about a positive shift in body composition, tipping the scales in favour of fat-free mass – aka muscle.

If the exercise bike is used alongside other lifestyle interventions, more movement generally and the transition to a plant-based diet, it is highly likely that you will see a reduction in belly fat.

Will cycling tone legs?

The exercise bike certainly can help improve muscle tonality in the legs. By burning fat and engaging all the big muscles of the leg, such as the gluteus maximus, quadriceps and hamstrings, cycling is one of the most effective toning exercises.

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What exercise bike should I buy?

The bike that you settle on really depends on your budget and training/fitness goals. If you’re looking for no-thrills cardio equipment, then Ativafit’s or HOMCOM’s foldable exercise bike is for you.

However, if you plan to take your training seriously and want to improve performance, then you’ll need a bike that offers a greater range of performance monitors. Few foldable exercise bikes cater for those requirements. However, these budget indoor bikes do.

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