What Are The Best Cycling Jersey and Bib Shorts?

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a cyclist displaying the best jersey and bib shorts set

There’s two things that you want when cycling. One is comfort and the other is safety. If both requirements can be satisfied the experience of cycling is made all the more pleasant and enjoyable.

The clothing we select can ensure comfort while offering a measure of safety. Professionally finished tops and bottoms fabricated from quality materials reduce skin irritations and abrasions. They also provide support and additional padding around contact points which reduces post-cycle sores.

In addition, high-visibility clothing with reflective elements makes you more visible to other road users. The beneficial implications of this attribute need not be illuminated.

This article reviews 5 quality cycling jersey and bib sets. They have been especially selected because they have received substantial customer feedback regarding comfort, quality and durability. Also, the 5 sets sport colourful designs and high-visibility reflective elements.

Bib and Jersey Buyer’s Guide

Elasticated cuffs

Any seasoned cyclist will steadfastly attest to the necessity of elasticated cuffs. Why so important? Well, other than crazed motorists and potholes, there’s few things cyclist find more annoying than garments that:

a) bunch-up
b) shots and jersey cuffs that ride
c) loose fitting
d) let a draft in like an open barn door

These highly annoying outcomes of poorly designed cycle wear can easily be overcome with silicone seals. So, before buying a bib and jersey (or cycling separates: shorts, tops, jackets), ensure that the cuffs of the garments are lined with silicone seals.


Padding is probably the most important feature of cycling bottoms: shorts, bibs and leggings. Poor quality padding – or poorly designed padding – can, during long cycles, cause nasty sores and chaffing. Not only that but the discomfort that poorly padded bottoms induce takes the pleasure out of cycling. Something every pedal pusher desi