Exercise For Weight-Loss

a woman performing one armed press-ups: she is exercising as part of a weight-loss programme.

this banner says: the definitive weight-loss programme Module 4: Exercise

The health benefits exercise confers are widely understood and recognised. In addition to metabolising excess fat exercise can reduce our chances of developing illness and disease.

But exercise is even better than we previously thought!

Amazingly, contemporary research is showing that exercise can be weaponised and used to fight some of the worst diseases. In 2009 an Australian research team published a paper showing the positive effects exercise exerts in the fight against cancer. The research demonstrated that exercise, in conjunction with established treatment methods, can positively support cancer patients irrespective of what stage they are at in their treatment.

Since the publication of that seminal 2009 paper the benefits accrued through supplementing exercise during cancer treatment have been extensively reviewed.

A recent publication reported that of 140 such studies 75% showed ‘statistically significant and clinically relevant benefit through exercise on a range of treatment-related side effects, physical, functional, and psychosocial outcomes.’¹

Below is a list of the health benefits associated with regular exercise:

weight control
improved body composition
protection against coronary heart disease (CHD)
improved cardio-respiratory performance
protection against stroke
improved immune function
decreased depression
helps reduce anxiety
mitigates chronic stress
promotes a positive attitude