Top 10 Fat-Loss Tips That Actually Work

Updated: May 21, 2021

a woman performing press-ups on kettlebells

In this article I aim to share with you 10 tips that can help you shed those unwanted pounds. Before we proceed to delve into the fat fighting tips, I feel it necessary to impart a word of advice on how best to approach the strategies and methods to follow.

It would be unwise to attempt to adopt more than two tips at any one time. For example, if you were overcome with enthusiasm and tried to overhaul your lifestyle by implementing multiple tips, you would likely suffer a catastrophic relapse which would result in the renunciation of your vows – to wit: to lose weight and become healthier.

Statistically speaking, smokers who try and quit without first weaning themselves off of their cancer sticks and/or making use of interventions (patches, support groups, etc.), are far more likely to start smoking again.

Thus, if you are serious about shedding those unwanted pounds, accept that the journey on which you are about to embark is long (Tip #3: Remember: there’s no quick fixes!) and that success awaits the traveller who is slow and steady in their approach.

Well, if you’re ready, let’s get going . . .

Fat-Loss Tip #1: Daily Diet

It’s not enough to eat healthily occasionally or impose a strict dietary regime one week out of every four. We must observe proper dietary practices every day, week, month and year. And not just because it will contribute to fat loss. But because ‘diet is the number-one cause of premature death and the number one cause of disability,’ (Greger 2017).

So, by eating clean, by transitioning to a plant-based whole-foods diet, you’ll lose weight and (hopefully) increase longevity whilst decreasing your risk of disease and disability. The health restorative effects of going green are truly remarkable. But what constitutes as a plant-based diet?

In short: adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet and cutting out refined carbohydrates and anything processed. In the short space I’ve allotted for each tip I can’t give this topic the breadth of discussion it deserves, so I’ve popped a link below which will lead you to an excellent overview of healthy eating and its associated benefits.

an assortment of organic vegetables, tomatoes, egg plant, peppers

Fat-Loss Tip #2: Daily Exercise