The Benefits Of Dumbbell Training

If you've been flirting with the idea of buying a pair of dumbbells, but aren't sure if they’re worth it, this article is for you.

a group exercise enthusiasts training with dumbbells

It’s not up for argument, dumbbells are one of the most versatile training tools available. And it’s no exaggeration to say that they are the exercise equipment version of a Swiss Army knife. The number of different exercises that can be performed with a pair of dumbbells probable exceeds the number of atoms in the known universe.

Ok, not quite that many. But a lot.

So why are they such a good training tool? Well, for starters, unlike fixed exercise machines, dumbbells do not impede your natural biomechanical movement. Put more simply, dumbbells faithfully follow your natural movement and do not force you to follow a fixed, pre-determined plain.

Why’s this a good thing? Firstly, by following your movement you are less susceptible to suffer joint aggravation and/or injury. Secondly, the exercise feels more natural and thus more pleasant to perform.

In addition, dumbbells can be used to target pretty much every muscle in your body. By contrast, fixed machines are typically designed to target a specific – and therefore limited – range of muscles. Not so with a pair of DBs.

Furthermore, dumbbells are great for increasing the resistance of body-weight exercises. When pull-ups become too easy just pop a dumbbell between your legs. When you can perform burpees till the cows are ready to come home hold a pair of dumbbells, that’ll slow you down some.

They can even be used to increase the intensity of some cardiovascular exercises. Some mornings, when I go on my obligatory 4-mile run, I take my trusty 2kg dumbbells with me – it never ceases to surprise what a difference four additional kilograms make to the intensity of my run.

In this article six dumbbell-related frequently asked questions have been answered. Also, you will discover a range of exercises, a tutorial video and best dumbbell product review.

FAQ #1: Can dumbbells help me lose weight?

a man about to perform exercises with a pair of dumbbells

In all honesty, the answer is no, not really. A pedantic person could challenge that answer and say ‘Well what if I performed a thousand snatches a day followed by a thousand vertical lifts? That