Best Squat Rack

Want to know what is the best squat rack for the home gym? Read this article and you'll find out.

a squat rack in a gym surrounded by dumbbells and exercise equipment

In this article you will discover four of the best squat racks available. Also you’ll know how to choose the right one for your physical needs and fitness aspirations.

The humble squat rack makes for a great addition to any home gym. Depending on the rack that you buy it can last for years whilst providing you with a versatile training tool.

Contrary to common misconception you can do far more on a squat rack than just squat. For example, some racks feature built-in power towers (pull-up and dip) and others sport contemporary appendages such as resistance bands, cables and weights – and even mini multi gyms.

Thus if you select the right rack you’ll have everything you need to keep fit and shape a sharp physique. For example, a number of the racks below offer a range of exercise versatility that could only be exceeded by a full-scale gym. This makes them an excellent investment and if they are used properly and consistently they’ll pay fitness dividends for years to come.

But before buying a squat rack there are a couple of considerations you might want to mull over prior to committing the cash. These considerations have been outlined in the Buyer’s Guide below.

Squat Rack Buyer’s Guide


Some squat racks are just that: two supports on which to rest a bar across between sets of squats (or military presses). Don’t get me wrong, such a rack serves a purpose – but it is rather limited. Though I have included in this review a ‘mono-application’ squat rack (that is, a rack designed solely for the purpose of supporting a barbell) the rest are dual or multi-functional. The reason: you get a lot more for your money and usually that more isn’t that much – if you get me.

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