7 Minute Workout For Fat-Loss and Fitness

a group exercise enthusiasts taking part in a 7 minute workout for fat-loss and fitness

First, is a 7-minute workout long enough to promote physiological adaptations? The answer to that question hinges on how hard (at what intensity) you are prepared to train.

Studies have shown that even short, high-intensity bursts of 20- to 30-seconds can promote fat-loss and physical development. And the number of bursts needed to trigger these outcomes is surprisingly low.

For example, in the BBC documentary The Truth About, researchers showed that six sets of 20-second high-intensity cardiovascular intervals was enough to burn fat and maintain fitness levels.

What’s more, after the short duration bursts the body continued to burn fat for 20-minutes afterwards. So a high-intensity 7-minute workout could be as physically beneficial as a low-intensity 30-minute gym session.

The 7-minute workout below will help you burn fat and keep in shape. And the great thing about this workout is you can complete it pretty much anywhere as it doesn't require any equipment. Also, if time permits, you could always extend the workout by doubling the number of rounds you perform.

How it works

It’s advisable to spend a minimum of 5-minutes warming up prior to starting the workout. Once you are sufficiently prepared, set a minute repeater on your training timer and then attack the 7 exercises as though your very life depends on it.

There’s no stopping for rest, water or insta pics. Seriously, you’ve got to assault this 7-minute workout with the indomitable determination of Hercules when he defeated the Hydra in hand-to-hand combat. And if, after completing the final exercise, you’re not wreathing in agony and rolling around in a pool of self-pity, well then you simply didn’t train hard enough.


5/10-minute cardio and calisthenics (jogging on the spot interspersed with squats, burpees and press-ups)

7 Minute Workout

1-minute High Knee Raises

Basically you are jogging on the spot but raising the knees high - hence the name - so that a 90° angel is formed at the hip flexor. Deceptively easy, high knee raises are anything but: I give you 20-seconds before your quads are on fire and you feel like you're going to cough up a lung.