The 5 Best Plyometric Exercises

a man performing a plyometric jump over plyometric hurdles.

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Think Before You Jump
5 Best Plyometric Exercises
Plyometric Exercise #1: Box Jump
Plyometric Exercise #2: Clap-hand Press-up
Plyometric Exercise #3: Squat jump
Plyometric Exercise #4: Medicine ball squat jump ‘power’ slam
Plyometric Exercise #5: Handstand Depth Jump
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Best Plyometric Equipment


Below is range of basic plyometric exercises that you can incorporate into your training regime. The exercises require little technical expertise making them perfect for the beginner. Also, minimal space and equipment is needed which makes them accessible to wider audience.

Before you rush off and start jumping, ensure that you consider the following plyometrics safety precautions.

Think Before You Jump

Before engaging in plyometric training, you should always ensure to:


It is important that you are thoroughly warmed up prior to plyo training. For a comprehensive overview of correct warm-up principals follow the link. Included within a general warm-up it is wise to perform a series of low-intensity plyo movements, raising the intensity as you progress through your session.

Use soft landing mats