Struggling With Weight-Loss Motivation?

an image of a man running which is supposed to represent the concept of a person overcoming a lack of motivation for exercise and weight-loss

this banner says: the definitive weight-loss programme Module 2: Barriers to Success

Before pursuing your weight-loss goals it is crucial that you first spend some time exploring potential and actual barriers to success. It stands to logical reasoning that, by proxy of the need to implement a weight-loss programme, you have up to now been unsuccessful in surmounting barriers that stopped you from maintaining a healthy weight.

Module 2 will provide you with the opportunity to explore barriers to success. We will dedicate discussion to identifying what constitutes as a barrier – as not all barriers are explicit or tangible. Following this a range of prevalent and common barriers will be identified. We will then consider methods of reducing or removing one of the identified barriers. To conclude Module 2 you will be set the task of searching out and identifying the barriers that you believe to be responsible for preventing you from maintaining a healthy weight.

What constitutes as a barrier to success?

At its essence, a barrier is something that slows, impedes or prevents progress. A common misconception is that barriers always possess a tangible quality, say the highly tempting fast-food outlet next to your place of work, or the inability to access a gym. However, barriers are more often psychological as opposed to physical.

Psychological barriers tend to present a far greater conundrum to the would-be success seeker. Unlike their physical counterparts, psychological barriers – that is, barriers that exits in the mind – can be irritatingly illusive and prohibitively difficult to breakdown. Such barriers include negative self-talk, the absence of motivation and low self-efficacy, to name the most prevalent.

Before a barrier can be broken down it of course must firstly be identified. Intuitively obvious though that sentence may be, identifying barriers can for some present a significant challenge.

Through fear that I might be entering the realms of psychology, a subject of which I am woefully ignorant, I will quickly conclude with a few words of encouragement. By being open and honest with yourself and reflecting on previous failed attempts at weight-loss, you will undoubtedly unearth any barriers that could block the road to success.

Once you have unearthed them you can now take the necessary action needed to reduce, remove or mitigate them.

Below you will find a list of commonly reported barriers to weight loss. From the list one barrier has been selected for dismantling.

Common barriers</