Four Great Tips to Fire-up Your Fitness Training

a woman boxing a punching bag

We’re all guilty of falling into repetitive training cycles, mindlessly and monotonously following the same old routine. Our workouts, like the daily commute, become an automated pre-programme neither stimulating nor benefiting us. It’s at this point when fitness has denigrated into a banal box-ticking exercise and not, as it should be, a passionate pursuit.

The result?

If we allow this lamentable training lethargy to persist physical stagnation – and even decline! – will ensue. Contrary to popular opinion, to get fit and reap the health benefits of exercise, it’s not enough merely to go to the gym, to move our lumbering mass and call it physical fitness.

To maintain or develop our physicality and accrue those coveted exercise benefits we’ve actually got to put effort into our training. I’m not going to deny it, this can be difficult when we exercise often.

But, you’ll be glad to know, to rekindle a dwindling training regime is easier than you might think. And it won’t cost a single penny either. To supercharge your training you have to do little more than exploit your latent competitive spirit.

In this article I’ll share with you four tips – really they’re methods, but I’ve called them ‘tips’ because it sounds less intellectually intimidating . . . so in this article I shall share with you four tips that, if implemented, will enable you to supercharge your training regime.

By supercharging your training, in case the question is dangling at the tip of your tongue, you will not only reinvigorate your exercise enthusiasm but enjoy an inevitable bump in performance.

Tip #1: Seek out Some Sadomasochists

a group of male cyclists racing each other