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Do You Dare Pit Yourself Against This 100 Ton Circuit?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

a statue of the Greek god Atlas, supporting the world

This circuit is a physical undertaking of epic proportions and I advise that you do not attempt it unless you have a paramedic on standby with a defib charged, gelled and at the ready.

Also, if you’re the type who suffers quite severely at the merciless hands of the DOMS, you might want to lay the groundworks for the potential sickie you’ll need to pull when you wake up the following morning as stiff as corpse.

So other than potentially a night in A&E or a day sprawled over the couch in agony, what can you expect from this circuit? Besides a chronic burn in every muscle worth mentioning you’ll walk away from this misanthrope with a profound sense of self-satisfaction.

In addition, circuits such as this one are excellent for developing razor sharp muscle definition and sculpting an admirably proportioned physique. In my ignoble opinion there’s nothing worse than the meat head who proudly brandishes his Popeye arms but hides his tincy pin legs. Such body dysmorphia, so prevalent in these ultra-narcissistic times of ours, is a consequence of training muscle groups that can only be seen in a vanity mirror: biceps, triceps and chest . . . and abs of course.

When we frequently engage in whole-body circuits – such as this one – all muscles are trained equally and thus grow and develop in proportion. The result? Balanced physicality and a body that looks like it was forged by a master sculptor and not a Victor Frankenstein.

How it works

All 7 exercises are to be performed with a 25kg weight, except lat pulldowns. Use a 25kg barbell for exercise 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and two 12.5kg dumbbells for the step-ups, but select 50kg for the lat pulldowns. One full lap of this circuit equals 10,000kg of weight lifted. You must complete 10 laps and 40reps of pull-ups and 40reps of triceps dips with a 20kg disc. The pull-ups and triceps dips are to be performed after the 10 laps of the circuit. If you know that 40reps of pull-ups and triceps dips with a 20kg weight is currently above your capabilities, then lower the weight and up the reps, but ensure to work out the math first so you know how many reps must be performed – do this prior to getting in the gym. To those who cannot do pull-ups and/or triceps dips, you are to carry on with the circuit until an additional 1600kg has been lifted.

Key Points

  • This is a circular circuit which means that you are to complete exercises 1 through to 7 ten times.

  • After completing those ten laps you are to finish off with the weighted pull-ups to dips complex – which equates to a total weight of 1,600kg.

  • One full lap with a 25kg barbell (and two 12.5kg dumbbells (and 50kg on the lat pulldown stack!)) equals 10,000k weight lifted.

  • On the warm-up all 500m intervals must be completed in 1 minute 40 seconds or less with no rest in-between.

Equipment needed

  • Olympic barbell (2 X clips and 2 X 2.5kg discs)

  • Lat pulldown machine

  • Plyometric box (about 2 foot tall)

  • Dumbbells (2 x 12.5kg)

  • Weights bench

  • 1 X 20kg Disc

  • Dipping belt



  • 1000m row + 10 – press-ups + 10 – burpees

  • 500m row + 10 – press-ups + 10 – burpees

  • 500m row + 10 – press-ups + 10 – burpees

  • 500m row + 10 – press-ups + 10 – burpees


1. 50reps Bicep curl (25kg)
2. 50reps Bench press (25kg)
3. 50reps Squats (25kg)
4. 50reps Bent-over row (25kg)
5. 50reps Squats (25kg)
6. 25reps Lat pull down (50kg)
7. 100reps Step-ups (50 each leg) (2 X 12.5kg dumbbells)

40 – Pull-ups + 20kg
40 – Triceps dips + 20kg

Total kilograms = 101,600

Total reps = 4080

Time to beat = 1 hour, 9 minutes & 45 seconds

General advice/rules

  • Ensure to maintain good form throughout the circuit.

  • I recommend trying this circuit during quiet gym periods so you do not have to constantly fight people off your exercise equipment.

  • Ensure that your full foot is placed on the step-up box for each rep.

  • (To reiterate) If you are unable to complete the weighted pull-ups and triceps dips with the weight stipulated, simply lower it to suit your current ability. However, you must ensure, if you do this, to increase the reps so the overall KG tally remains the same. To those who struggle to perform a pull-up/dip without weight, carry on with the circuit until you have lifted a further 1600kg.

Exercise Tutorial

In this series of tutorials I've only sourced videos for those exercises that I think may pose a greater technical conundrum. However, if you are unsure about any of the exercise not featured just pop on YouTube and source the relevant tutorial. But be careful that you don't squander half the day pursuing pointless videos of cats acting like prats!

1: Bent-over row

2: Squats

3: Weighted pull-ups

Perform the pull-up as you see demonstrated above but just strap a 20kg plate around your waist.


Enjoyed this circuit? Has it left you hungry for more? Click on the image below and get your copy of the Hungry4Fitness Book of Circuits Vol. 1.

Circuit training is one of the best forms of physical exercise for maintaining and increasing overall-fitness. A well designed circuit will provide a great cardiovascular workout, strengthening the heart and lungs in the process, whilst also improving muscle endurance and developing functional strength. This unique combination, of fat burning and muscle building, which singular exercises, such as running, cycling, swimming or weights cannot give, will help to sculpt a lean defined physique.


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Blog Author

Adam Priest is a former Royal Marines Commando, professional personal trainer, lecturer, boxing and Thai boxing enthusiast.


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