Best Cross Trainers for the Home Gym

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

a woman on a cross trainer in her home gym

Here’s a question for you: which single exercise burns the most calories?

No it’s not running, nor cycling . . . and neither is it swimming or rowing.

It would perhaps come as surprise to most keep-fit enthusiasts that the highest calorie consumptive exercise is actually cross-country skiing. I know, who would'a thunk it?

Sounds strange at first but when you think about it for a moment it makes perfect sense. After all, a cross-country skier is effectively running with planks of wood strapped to their feet through a medium many order of magnitude more viscus than air whilst plying a pair of poles.

And if the skier happens to be competing in a shooting event – otherwise known as a Biathlon – they’ve got the added encumbrance of a rifle to lug about.

Now, depending on your demography, access to the necessary terrain and climatic conditions conducive to cross-country skiing could present an insurmountable barrier.

Britain, by and large, is lacking in that one essential substance that makes skiing possible: snow! Yes we have plenty of rain but little to none of the white stuff. Probably a global warming thing.

So does that mean we are forever prohibited from reaping the physical fruits that cross-country skiing has to offer? Like hell does it!