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The 5 Best Medicine Balls | A Buyer's Guide

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

three fitness trainers throwing medicine balls against a wall

This article brings you the best medicine balls on the market. The 5 slam balls have been selected because they meet our stringent exercise equipment requirements. For example, the medicine balls reviewed below have received tons of positive user feedback. Many customers have commented favourably on the quality and durability of the medicine balls. So, when you select a slam ball from this review, you know that it’s going to last for years and, unlike a lot of exercise equipment, it won’t let you down.

Benefits of training with medicine balls

Medicine balls are mega diverse training tools. They can be incorporated into a training session to enhance the intensity and resistance of standard callisthenic exercises – burpees, pull-ups, sit-ups and the like – or they can form the core of the workout – with super-dynamic exercises such as squat-slams or wall throws.

The diversity of this spherical lump or rubbery lard can’t be overstated. But I’m going to try. Not only is the range of medicine ball exercises extensive (see the tip of the iceberg below) but they integrate excellently into most all types of training sessions.

For example, they can add resistance to a HIIT workout, amping intensity, or feature throughout a circuit, providing a pinch of dynamic spice.

Alternatively, a time-strapped trainer could easily get their cardio and muscle endurance fix with a 10-minute medicine ball slam AMRAP. Just set a countdown timer and merrily slam away until the sweat pours and muscles burn!

10 Best MB Exercises

1. Russian twist with a medicine ball - core
2. Reaching Romanian deadlift - legs
3. Rolling push-up - chest, back
4. Medicine ball thruster - legs, arms, shoulders
5. Wall ball - full body
6. Slam! - Whole body
7. Weighted superman - hamstrings, back, shoulders
8. Medicine ball HIIT routines - fitness, strength, mood
9. Wood chops – a bit of legs, core, lats
10. Lunge to twist – legs, core, shoulders

Medicine ball Buyer's Guide

Prior to purchasing yourself a ball you might want to consider how you plan to use it first. For this will be an indicator of the weight and ball style you should select – cus not all balls were created equal, if you didn’t know.

If you plan to engage your medicine ball in toning and conditioning exercises, which you’ll carefully perform in your air-conditioned home gym, then you perhaps would suit a light medicine ball (between 1 to 5 kilos) with integrated handles.

Integrated handles make the ball more suited to core rotational exercises such as the Russian twist or wood chop. Also, handles enable you to perform multi-functional exercises like medicine ball burpees into press-ups.

But if, by contrast, you’re a bit of a grunter with a gym in your garage or basement (which at a glance looks more like a scrap yard), you’d probably suit a heavy ball without handles – because they’re better to use when performing those ultra-macho exercises like slams, blasters (squat into slam (I made that name up by the way: blasters)) single arm shotputs and wall throws.

Three woman exercising with medicine balls as part of a gym HIIT workout. The medicine ball exercise they are performing is step ups.

Okay then, now you’re clued-up on the manifold functional utility of the medicine ball, and you have an idea what weight and type of ball will best suit your training predilections, you’re ready for the product review.

A quick word on the review. As far as training equipment goes medicine balls are as simplistic as it gets. This of course makes reviewing the respective pros and cons of the product quite challenging. Consequently, instead of the usual waffle, each product comes accompanied with an overview and customer rating.


5 Best Medicine Balls


1: BodyRip No-Bounce Medicine Ball (£ prices vary depending on weight)

Product Overview

Very well rated – 5 stars after over 200 reviews.
BodyRip is one of the best sports equipment suppliers online. They offer high-quality and durable products.
This medicine ball is textured with a vinyl cover so as to enhance grip and durability.
The ‘no-bounce’ design makes the ball perfect for slamming on solid surfaces.
Highly durable material designed to withstand years of use and abuse.


2: 66fit Slam Balls (£ prices vary depending on weight)

Product Overview

Exceedingly well rated – 5 stars with over 400 reviews.
66fit slam balls are designed to be slammed into a wall or the floor.
They are constructed from highly durable materials which will ensure they last for years.
The no-bounce, impact absorbance design enables the user to build explosive strength as the ball can be mercilessly pounded into the floor without the fear of it bouncing back.


3: Trenas Professional Double Handle Medicine Ball (£ prices vary depending on weight)

Product Overview

Very well rated – nearly 5 stars with over 240 reviews.
This double handle medicine ball is part of the TRENAS PRO product line engineered for professional or commercial use.
They are built from high quality materials to exacting standards making them suitable for gyms, clubs, schools and home use.
The integrated handle design, which preference rotational and controlled movements, make this ball an exercise all-rounder.


4: Valkyrie Slam Ball (£ prices vary depending on weight)

Product Overview

4.5 stars after over 200 reviews.
Valkyrie’s slam balls are designed to be slammed into wall, floors and any other sold surface.
The industrial grade material will ensure that the ball withstands the rigours of years of training use.
The textured surface improves grip and reduces slippage making them ideal for explosive throwing exercises - such as the single arm shotput or blaster (squat into slam).


5: JLL® Medicine Balls (£ prices vary depending on weight)

Product Overview

Nearly 5 stars after 140 reviews.
JLL’s medicine balls are manufactured from high-quality, heavy-duty rubber.
They are designed to be used and abused, year in year out.
Built for elite level athletes but are perfect for the home gym.


Medicine Ball Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do the balls come with a warranty

Yes. All the balls comes with the standard manufacture warranty.

Q: Are these medicine balls good for home use

Absolutely! All the balls featured would make for a perfect addition to a home gym.

Q: Are medicine ball workouts good

Yes, indeed, training with a medicine ball is a great way to improve all-round fitness and explosive power. Because medicine ball exercises work a wide range of muscle groups, they promote whole body physicality while also actively engaging the cardiovascular system. This also makes them an effective fat burning exercise.

Q: Are medicine ball slams effective

Medicine ball slams are one of the best whole-body fitness developers. When you perform a medicine ball slam you will engage pretty much every muscle in the body. And because they are a highly explosive exercise, after 50 solid slams your pulse rate will be through the roof.

Q: Why use medicine balls

Medicine balls offer an unconventional and highly dynamic exercise alternative. Whereas with traditional training equipment – such as weights and machines – the exercises are static and performed in a slow controlled manner, medicine ball exercises are explosive, high intense and multi-dimensional. This helps improve whole-body conditioning while developing functional fitness.


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