The 5 Best Medicine Balls | A Buyer's Guide

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

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three fitness trainers throwing medicine balls against a wall

This article brings you the best medicine balls on the market. The 5 slam balls have been selected because they meet our stringent exercise equipment requirements. For example, the medicine balls reviewed below have received tons of positive user feedback. Many customers have commented favourably on the quality and durability of the medicine balls. So, when you select a slam ball from this review, you know that it’s going to last for years and, unlike a lot of exercise equipment, it won’t let you down.

Benefits of training with medicine balls

Medicine balls are mega diverse training tools. They can be incorporated into a training session to enhance the intensity and resistance of standard callisthenic exercises – burpees, pull-ups, sit-ups and the like – or they can form the core of the workout – with super-dynamic exercises such as squat-slams or wall throws.

The diversity of this spherical lump or rubbery lard can’t be overstated. But I’m going to try. Not only is the range of medicine ball exercises extensive (see the tip of the iceberg below) but they integrate excellently into most all types of training sessions.

For example, they can add resistance to a HIIT workout, amping intensity, or feature throughout a circuit, providing a pinch of dynamic spice.

Alternatively, a time-strapped trainer could easily get their cardio and muscle endurance fix with a 10-minute medicine ball slam AMRAP. Just set a countdown timer and merrily slam away until the sweat pours and muscles burn!

10 Best MB Exercises

1. Russian twist with a medicine ball - core
2. Reaching Romanian deadlift - legs
3. Rolling push-up - chest, back
4. Medicine ball thruster - legs, arms, shoulders
5. Wall ball - full body