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The Best Meditation Cushions

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Discover some of the benefits of meditation, how 2 guide and a range of meditation cushions

a woman seated on a meditation cusion

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a secular practice derived from ancient Buddhist meditation practices, which pre-date the 5th Century BC. Mindfulness is taken from the Eight Fold Path within Buddhism. The first secular Mindfulness programme was introduced by Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979. Inspired by his personal experience of Zen Buddhism, Jon Kabat-Zinn adapted some of the techniques to help patients suffering with chronic pain, anxiety and drug abuse to manage these difficulties.

The faculty of voluntarily bringing back a wandering attention, over and over, is the very root of judgement, character and will. No one is master of oneself if he have it not. An education which should improve this faculty would be the education par excellence.

William James (1890)

How to do it?

Mindful breathing and the body scan are typically performed sitting or lying down. However, mindful walking can be done on the move. The beauty of mindfulness is that you can do it anywhere or anytime. The anchor or your focus doesn’t have to be just your breath but part of your body or something in the environment.

Below is some tips to help get you started:

  • Find a quiet space (if possible)

  • Remove any distractions e.g. mobile phone

  • Getting yourself into a comfortable position on cushion or on a chair

  • Resting your hands on your lap

  • Closing your eyes

  • Following a guided meditation audio or trying your own practice

Having a good meditation cushion is key to being comfortable especially during longer sessions. A range of cushions are available in different sizes, patterns and fillings including spelt and buckwheat that can be suited to your needs.

Below are a range of some of the best meditation cushions/pillows


1) Lotuscrafts Zafu Meditation Cushion Zen

  • ZAFU MEDITATION CUSHIONS CLASSIC - The practical and versatile yoga floor cushion from Lotuscrafts is ideal for use in meditation rooms, yoga studios, therapy centres or as a flexible seat.

  • ECOLOGICAL & BIO-CERTIFIED - The GOTS seal of the meditation cushion seat guarantees controlled organic cotton, ecological dyeing, as well as fair and safe working conditions.

  • INDIVIDUAL SEAT HEIGHT - The zafu yoga pillow is 15 cm high. The organic spelt filling can be easily adjusted as required. So everyone can find their optimal meditation seat height.

  • COTTON COVER - The meditation cushion cover is made of cotton from certified organic cultivation and is GOTS certified.

  • COMBINABLE - The round Zafu meditation cushions can be optimally combined with a Zabuton meditation mat. Mats and yoga cushions give you even better support during meditation.

  • COLOURS – 9 colours available to choose from

Product details:

Dimensions & Weight: Ø 31 cm | Height: 15 cm | 1.8 kg

Material: 100% organic cotton

Filling: Spelled husks (organic)

Care Instructions: Cover washable at 30 °C

Click on image above to find out more information


2) BODYMATE Meditation Cushion/Yoga Pillow

  • Premium quality, durable, 100% cotton cover – Removable and machine washable at 30°

  • Handmade meditation cushion with a carry handle and a durable zip fastening – Many colours available

  • Cotton inner bag filled with premium buckwheat husks

  • Cushion diameter 31cm and height 13cm - Height can be adjusted by adding or reducing the filling

  • Premium quality from BODYMATE - Risk free purchase with 30 days money back guarantee

This cushion is one of my favourites, offering many benefits including a removable cover to keep clean, a money back guarantee for any purchases that don’t meet your standards but most importantly set at a reasonable price of £18.82.

Click on image above to find out more information


3) Blue Banyan Zafu Meditation Cushion (Organic Buckwheat) UK Made

  • Quality UK made Meditation Cushion

  • Filled with certified organic Buckwheat Hulls that moulds to the shape of your body as you rest

  • 9 colours available

  • Made from strong 100% cotton drill

  • Approximate Dimensions: Diameter: 37cm (14.5") x Height: 13.5cm (5.3") Approximate weight: 2kg

Product details

Height: 16 centimetres

Weight: 2 Kilograms

Shape: Round

Material type: 100% cotton

Click on image above to find out more information


4) Present Mind Round Meditation Cushion Zafu Yoga

  • Guarantees comfort and reduces back pain by properly arranging the pelvis and knees while sitting

  • Buckwheat husk filling allows to adjust height and hardness by changing the amount inside

  • A washable, 100% cotton 280gr/m2 cotton cover and seperate inner cover for the buckwheat

  • Height approx. 16 cm, diameter approx. 30 cm

  • A range of colours to choose from

  • Produced in the European Union from natural materials with care for detail

Product details

Size: Medium

Material composition: Cotton

Included components: Buckwheat

Product Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 16 cm; 1.8 Kg

Shipping Weight: 1.8 Kg

Click on image above to find out more information


5) CalmingBreath Zafu Meditation Cushion

  • A firm zafu cushion.

  • Triple-screened buckwheat hull filling moulds to the shape of your body without losing height or compromising posture.

  • Teacher approved. Used in meditation classes, NHS mindfulness centres and yoga studios all over the UK.

  • Use with a CalmingBreath zabuton meditation mat for even deeper comfort and stability in all cross-legged postures.

Product details

Product Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 15 cm

Shipping Weight: 1.8 Kg

Click on image above to find out more information


In conclusion

Meditation cushions play not only a key role in your practice but also offer comfort whilst supporting your posture. The meditation cushions reviewed above give an overview of the different types of cushions, fillings and sizes.

(As we are very interested in user feedback at Hungry4Fitness, I would be very grateful if you could take a few seconds out of your day to leave a comment. Thanks in advance!)

About the Author

Laura Allen currently works as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist integrating mindfulness and Somatic practices. Laura is completing a Doctorate researching the links between Fears of Compassion, mindfulness and the Body.

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