4000 reps, 153,000kg lifted: A Week in The Life of a Kettlebell Competitor

kettlebell competitors competing in a kettlebell competition

In this series of articles – A Week in The Life – I plan to follow in the footsteps of an experimental lab rat and for one week will pit myself against the training regime of a professional athlete.

For seven days I aim to challenge myself to maintain the same training volume as the professional whilst adopting, as closely as possible, their exercise routine. As I undertake what will surely be an arduous physical ordeal, I'll document each day’s exercise outputs whilst ensuring to summarise my experience in a concluding paragraph.

Each Week in The Life will begin with a walkthrough of the sport/discipline particulars. These particulars include:

  • The main events/competitions that the professional athletes from the sport aspire to win

  • The physical attributes that are essential to cultivate for those who have designs on ascending to the pinnacle of the sport/discipline

  • A brief bio of the current top-level athlete

  • An outline of the average pre-competition weekly training regime

Concluding the overview I’ve cobbled together a daily training routine ensuring to keep as close as possible to that of the professional. This daily training routine will act as a blueprint for the week; each session to be populated with different exercises or approaches: strength, muscular endurance, high intensity/low intensity, technique work.

Following the Week in The Life training regime, I have compiled the overall outputs as well as, where applicable, total distances covered, weight lifted and repetitions performed.

A Week in The Life of a: Kettlebell Competitor