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10 Minute Workout | Complete Fitness Conditioning

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You’ll be amazed at how much fitness you can get done in this super-compact 10 minute workout. As well as putting you through your paces, this workout engages every muscle in the body. And because you will be maintaining a high intensity for 10-minutes, your heart rate will be through the roof.

So, if you can squeeze this spicy workout into your weekly routine, these are just some of the health and fitness benefits you could bag.

10 minute workout health and fitness benefits

  • All major muscle groups engaged

  • Elevated heart rate

  • Whole-body stimulating sweat session

  • Burns a plate full of calories

  • Enhanced muscular endurance and aerobic fitness

10 minute workout modification options

In addition to delivering a whole host of health and fitness benefits, this workout is as versatile as a Swiss army knife. For example, any one of the 10 exercises that comprise the workout can be replaced at the drop of a hat.

Let’s say that you don’t like skipping – perhaps you’ve got two left feet and can’t skip to save your life. Breath a sigh of relief because you can still participate in this workout. All you would do is replace skipping with a comparable aerobic exercise, such as sprinting on the spot or tuck jumps.

The same process can be applied if you happened upon a calisthenics or resistance exercise that, for whatever reason, doesn’t quite float your boat. When replacing an exercise, try to replace it with one that engages the same component of fitness and works the same or similar muscle groups.

Make this a 20 minute workout

While this workout has been scheduled for 10-minutes, you don’t have to stick to that parameter. If you’ve got more time on the clock (or fitness in the tank) you can double, triple, or even quadruple this 10 minute workout. There are a couple of ways you can do this.

The first and most simple way to extend this workout is to progress through the 10 exercises twice in succession. After completing the workout as per the plan, either take a short break or go straight back to the beginning and start again. Repeat the 10 minute workout as many times as desired.

The second way is to increase the duration of each exercise. This workout is comprised of 10 one-minute AMRAPs (as many reps as possible). But if you want to extend the length of the workout you can extend the length of each AMRAP – by 2, 3, 4, or 5-minutes.

However, in the original workout, there are no rest periods. It is only 10-minutes after all. But if you plan to extend each AMRAP, it’s likely that you’ll need to factor in a rest. I recommend a rest-to-work ratio of 1:4 (2-minute AMRAP followed by 30-second rest).

10 minute workout

Right, we’ve briefly reviewed the benefits of this workout and how to modify it should it not meet your training preferences. Not let’s turn our attention to how it works.

The workout is as simple as it is effective. Comprised of 10 exercises your objective is to train as hard as you can on each one for the allotted time. So, concluding a warm-up, set a one-minute repeat notification on your sports watch or training timer.

When you’re ready begin at the first exercise and attempt to achieve the best possible score (distance/repetitions). As soon as the buzzer sounds make a quick note of your score and then move on to the next exercise in line. Continue in this fashion until you have a score for all the exercises.

Key points

  • Spend a minimum of 5-minutes warming up before starting the workout.

  • The objective is to achieve the best possible score (distance/repetitions) on each exercise.

  • Organise the equipment before starting the workout as this facilitates a more efficient transition between exercises.

  • Set a one-minute repeat notification on your training timer then hit the workout with everything you’ve got – kitchen sink and all.

10 minute workout

Warm-up: 5-minutes skipping (jogging) at a moderate intensity.

Complete 5 repetitions of each of the 10 exercises in the workout.

A 10 minute workout plan. The plan lists the 10 exercises featured below.

1) Skipping

60-second AMRAP: how many skips did you achieve?

Purpose of exercise: elevate heart rate, improve fitness conditioning and aerobic capacity.

2) Air squats (with a plyometric jump)

60-second AMRAP: how many squats did you achieve?

Purpose of exercise: increase muscular endurance and power in the quadriceps and glutes.

3) Kettlebell swings

60-second AMRAP: how many swings did you achieve?

Purpose of exercise: promote posterior chain engagement and build strength in the glutes and lower back.

4) Rowing (on erg machine)

60-second AMRAP: how many metres did you cover?

Purpose of exercise: elevate heart rate, improve aerobic fitness, and increase stamina in the major muscle groups – legs and back.

5) Press-ups

60-second AMRAP: how many reps did you perform?

Purpose of exercise: improve muscular endurance in the upper body muscles (chest, anterior deltoids, triceps, core).

6) Deadlifts (barbell or kettlebell)

60-second AMRAP: how many deads did you do?

Purpose of exercise: build strength in the posterior chain muscles – glutes, lower back, and trapezius – and develop functional strength.

7) High knee raises

60-second AMRAP: how many raises did you achieve?

Purpose of exercise: stimulate the aerobic system and improve muscular endurance in the legs.

8) Hanging leg raises (or plank)

60-second AMRAP: how many seconds did you hold?

Purpose of exercise: forge robust core stability and mental discipline.

9) Barbell squat (or kettlebell goblet squat)

60-seconds AMRAP: how many squats did you perform?

Purpose of exercise: develop superior pushing power in the quadriceps, promote whole-body strength, and multi-muscular engagement.

10) Burpees

60-second AMRAP: how many reps did you achieve?

Purpose of exercise: maximise physical suffering, elevate heart rate, metabolise fat stores, and promote muscular endurance in the legs.


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