1) Can I print off the programme and supporting documents?

Yes, absolutely!

2) Can I re-use the exercise programme?

Yes, as many times as you want. In fact we encourage this because the more you use the programme the more exercise you’ll be doing and the healthier you’ll be getting.

3) Are the exercise programmes easy to use or do they require technical knowledge?

Yes the programmes are easy to use and No you don’t need technical knowledge. All the necessary information of programme design comes included within the pack and there is an easy-to-understand step-by-step programme design guide.

4) Can I include my own training ideas and exercise preferences?

Of course you can! The purpose of the programme is to provide you with a structured framework that will support you on your fitness journey. They have been designed to be as inclusive as possible whilst still maintaining a personalised feel.

5) Is it best to print the programme off or keep it stored on the computer?

The decision to print or keep the programme in an electronic format is entirely down to personal preference. Some people prefer a printed programme so that they can place it somewhere prominent as this helps them to maintain motivation.

6) Is the programme multiple user friendly?

Yes! You could include your partner into the programme and complete it together. We recommend this because working with a partner, friend or family member tends to improve motivation.

7) Do you need prior exercise experience?

No! The programmes are designed in such a way that all levels of experience and abilities can use them.  

8) Do I need any equipment?

No! The programmes are equally effective even if you do not have access to exercise equipment or a gym.

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